Nov 5, 2012

Visiting Japan, Are You Prepared Adequately?

Dear Ladies and Gents..

Have you ever visiting Japan before? Never. Now you should have this  plan in your vacation list..Trust me that u'll never regret it.Why? From my review, Japan have a lot of beautiful sights, no garbage anywhere, polite and friendly people, very attractive, VERY SAFE even crowd everywhere especially on their peak hour.Oh My God, I wish I was there for more than A WEEK..At least A MONTH..Perhaps!..Ok Stop Dreaming..You are no longer paid annual leave..Plan for next five years? Cheese..

Okay, when you're planning on trips to Japan, did you think that you've prepared adequately? Just PACK AND GO?Cheese..Yes you can go for it..But you've to strong enough once you reach there. Okay before I tell you further, please tick on this checklist.. Okay!

  1. Cash - You must have IT in your OWN POCKET. Unless you're sponsored by your company or other organizations. 
  2. Place of Destination- Basically tourist will spot Tokyo and Osaka. Why? Osaka have Universal Studios and Tokyo have Tokyo Disneyland. You also can watch 'Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizan' as well for more choice.
Universal Studios at Osaka

Tokyo Disneyland

 3. Check your calendar - Plan your trips in other words. Make sure you have no activities/program.

4. Book flight ticket - You can choose MAS or Air Asia X (Malaysia) based on your budget and comfort.

5. Prepare your passport and VISA-You have no choice..This document is MUST unless you're MINYAK PATI (illegal tourist)..Okay jokes..Their immigration is strict. Please prepare your document okay.

6. Japan Railway Pass - Please order JR Pass by exchange order on your country BEFORE MOVE. Click here for more details. This is the way you can use their Bullet Train (Shinkansen) or other JR Lines.

7. Convert Your Currency to Japanese Yen.

8. Pack and Go!! Hooray!!

NOW you're almost done but something missing!!!What else Guys?

PLEASE NOTE, when you're arrived, make sure you are hiring a Tour Guide. If not YOU WILL LOST! Why? You will facing communication problem because their community are MOSTLY can't speak English. Even most  of their NOTICE on board is in their Language!! How can you choose the right tram while SO many lines are there!! Oh My God!! Luckily my husband was studied there for almost a few month. He act such as our Tour Guide.  How lucky we're at that time..BIG SMILEY :P... Friendly Reminder, they proud of their language.You MUST remember that! Okay..Cheese.  

You can hire a tour guide IF you're a temporary visitor.But  how about if you're offered to further study or a new JOB offer? If you're not plan to hire a Tour Guide, there is other option to solve your future problem.  


Here are some option that I can recommend.

NO 1.

Speak Japanese Fluently - Learn To Speak Intermediate Japanese

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“I gotta say  your Speak Japanese Fluently lessons really helped me out on my recent visit to Japan. I was able to use much of what I learned in your video lessons – ordering food, shopping, taking the train. I was even able to buy medicine from a chemist. Many Thanks”
Jay McLean - Melbourne, Australia

NO 2.

Bullet Japanese

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Okay, until then thank you for drop by..I wish you can stay with me in the next ENTRY ABOUT HOW A WONDERFUL DAY IN TOKYO!! GOOD BYE..


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